PDP Ashamed of Forming Govt after They Did Nothing for 10 Months: NC



National Conference Hawal

The National conference Sunday said the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) reluctance to form the government is nothing but “feeling of Shame” and “NC’s vindication” that the government did “absolutely nothing” in the past 10 months.

“The PDP is feeling the pulse of the people and are ashamed to form the government as they know that have done absolutely nothing for 10 months,” Tanvir Sadiq, NC politician and political secretary Omar Abdullah today said while addressing a youth convention in downtown Hawal, Zadibal.

“The PDP is divided into three groups, and all of them are only interested in assuming chair,” said Tanvir, adding, “The drama that Agenda of Alliance is sacred is just hoodwinking people, none of that was implemented in the last 10 months, PDP needs to explain why it surrendered these issues for 10 months and still praised coalition.”

“It’s been 2 weeks since people of J&K were placed under governor rule because of one party’s internal differences,” said Tanvir, “that is why the only party which can lead and deliver is the National conference under Omar Abdullah.”

“What feedback does the PDP want from people, they know they have cheated the people,” Tanvir said, “either you accept that your decision after election was wrong and ask forgiveness from people or stop them drama and deliver what you promised in election,”

“In the past 10 months the only thing the BJP-PDP can be credited for is, communal tension, weaken Article 370, intruding into everyone’s kitchen and creating problems for the special status of Jammu and Kashmir,” he said according to a NC statement.

Stating that youth is the backbone of the party, Tanvir said, “unemployment problem has to be tackled with compassion and care.” He lamented over the “anti-youth policies being pursued by the PDP-BJP dispensation during its 10 month rule by bringing the new recruitment policy”. “Like other parts of the country, the youth from J&K can also make a mark by taking up challenging positions in most competitive and lucrative sectors,” Tanvir said, “NC will fight politicisation and commercialisation of jobs with its full might.”


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