To Promote Urdu, Private Schools to Publish Brochures, Install Boards in Urdu



To promote Urdu, which is official language of J&K, the valley based private schools have decided to publish brochures and install boards in this language.

A body of Private Schools (Joint Committee of Private Schools-JCPS) Sunday, in a statement said, that it decided to promote Urdu language in their educational institutes by publishing brochures, forms and other material in this language and install boards and banners with Urdu translation too.

Welcoming the government initiatives for the promotion of the official language, JCPS said, “it is imperative upon everyone to take steps to help the progress of this language. Due to some unknown reasons Urdu has been losing ground in Jammu and Kashmir and needs to be checked.”

“In this regard our schools have voluntarily decided to use Urdu language in our communication, signboards, hoarding, forms etc,” said G N Var President JCPS.

The committee said that Urdu is the only language, which binds the people of diverse cultures in Jammu and Kashmir and it is necessary to protect its status. “Schools have a major role to play in promoting Urdu as in our schools this language becomes a medium of bonding between students coming from different areas and cultures,” said Var. “English is necessary for our future due to its global status, but Urdu and Kashmiri are two languages from which we have to start preparing. So both the two languages are necessary for making our students the best among the lot.”

The committee said that Urdu language would also help students to easily learn languages like Arabic and Persian, thus adding new skills among them. “With strong Urdu base, our students can easily master languages like Persian and Arabic which in turn will open thousands of new avenues for them,” Var added. “Government too needs to adopt a proactive approach. Our students are weak in Urdu and it is up to government to check the competence of Urdu teachers. We will do it in our schools and expect government to do the same in their schools.”

The committee also asked the Board of School Education and Director Education Kashmir to devise a student friendly Urdu syllabus, which will be easier and fun to learn for students. “The current syllabus is not up to the mark and becomes one of the reasons students don’t like Urdu.”


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