PDP-BJP govt playing with special status of J&K, alleges Saroori


MLA Inderwal and Congress leader, GM Saroori while participating in Goods and Services Tax (GST) debate in the Assembly said though his party was in support of GST, it wanted safeguards to protect Article 370 and fiscal autonomy of the state.

For that to happen, Saroori said, it was necessary that Article 246-A of Indian Constitution should have incorporated the special provision for J&K when it was introduced in the Indian constitution for GST. He said now GoI needs to amend its constitution again through a parliament session to accommodate the GST law of J&K or to add safeguards which Jammu Kashmir legislature might forward through the government.

KL Image Bilal Bhadur

“You should reveal if GoI has promised you this amendment,” he said and reminded the government that people in large numbers had laid down their lives for safeguarding Article 370 that grants special status to the State. Pointing towards chief minister Mehbooba Mufti who was in the House, Saroori said the BJP has threatened to withdraw from the government if the GST wasn’t implemented in its present form. “What safeguards and protections are you talking about?” he asked.

Saroori termed it a “black day” in the history of JK. “I will resign if the government of India accepts any of the safeguards presented by PDP-BJP state government,” he said and described the GST Resolution as anti-people and anti-traders which will hamper the State’s economy and common man will suffer with the implementation of GST. He said the Government must take all stakeholders on board and incorporate their valuable suggestions in the new regime before its implementation. He suggested bringing State’s own legislation on GST.

Congress lawmaker further cornered the state government over GST and blamed it for playing with the special status of the State by enacting different stories on GST, which is certainly going to damage the fiscal autonomy and special status of the State. He warned the Government of serious consequences and asked the Govt to bring a separate legislation on GST. He said that the way state government is trying to implement GST, it will certainly erode the Special Status of the State, besides harming the fiscal autonomy of the State, which is not acceptable to Congress party. He asked the state government to give guarantee and assure the people that special status and fiscal autonomy of the State is not affected in any way.


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