PDP Can Never Be People’s Friend: Omar

KL Report


Expressing confidence that National Conference will return to power in Jammu and Kashmir and form the next government on its own by the overwhelming support of people, Working President, National Conference and Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah Thursday warned the people about the machinations of PDP and BJP to hoodwink public opinion for vested interests.

Addressing huge Election rallies in Wachi and Shopian Assembly constituencies organized in favour of National Conference candidates, Omar Abdullah said that PDP and BJP have same agenda of grabbing power to realize their hidden plan to weaken the State’s socio-political status.

Omar Abdullah, in a statement issued to Kashmir News Service,  said that PDP has become germination ground for conspiracies and it is in a hidden way providing all tactical support to BJP so that the duo would astray the people for power game. He said all unscrupulous elements, exploiters and tainted retired government officials have gathered in PDP to exploit the people and carry forward their ambitions of collecting money and property by utilizing all illegal means.

Omar Abdullah said that history is repeating the situation that prevailed in 1977 when all power hungry elements and enemies of National Conference joined hands against Late Sher-e-Kashmir, Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, and left no stone unturned to damage National Conference. He said people of the State by their overwhelming support to National Conference made its detractors to bite the dust in the election arena in 1977. He said these forces have again camped together now against National Conference and its leadership but they would face the same fate as they tested in 1977 Assembly Elections.

The Working President, National Conference said that like always National Conference at this important juncture of history is standing with the people of Jammu and Kashmir on firm footing with strong resolve to safeguard the political and economic interests of Jammu and Kashmir and its inhabitants by all means. He said the history is the testimony to the fact that National Conference and its workers sacrificed greatly to protect the interests of Jammu and Kashmir.

Omar Abdullah referred to the innovative and path breaking decisions taken by his government during the last six years to ensure empowerment of people, welfare of youth, restoration of peace and equitable development in all the areas of the State. He said among other things his government focused on strengthening institutions and making government functioning transparent. He said his government authorized people legally to ask questions on every action of the government and get delivery of public services in a fixed time frame.

The Working President, National Conference said that whenever State Assembly discussed important socio, political and economic development issues pertaining to the State during the last six years to give fillip to the process of progress, the PDP Legislators preferred remaining absent from the Houses and tried their best to sabotage the proceedings of the Legislature and put hurdle in implementing welfare measures. He asked how a party like PDP can be friends of people when it has always exhibited anti-people behavior and exploited for petty political gains? He said PDP wants power only to realize the personal interests of the leadership of this party. “It (PDP) has no concern or care for people as has been evident by the behavior of PDP leadership during the devastating floods in the State particularly in Kashmir division”, he maintained.


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