PDP desecrated Martyrs’ Graveyard: NC


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Lashing out at PDP for sending “land-grabbers”, “ration thieves”, “turn-coats” and “ex-Ikhwanis” to “desecrate” the sacred soil of the Martyrs’ Graveyard on Martyrs’ Day on Sunday, National Conference termed PDP MP Tariq Hameed Karra “a glorified land-shark” and “expert scamster” who “lacks the Parliamentary grace and ethical credentials to represent the historic and culturally rich city of Srinagar.”

NC spokesman Junaid Mattu said in a statement, “Tariq Karra has been extremely unnerved by being exposed as a fraud, conman and land-shark who wants to render dozens of families homeless to satiate his lust for undeserved wealth by inventing completely unconnected ‘ancestors’ and grabbing land that he has no legal claim on.”

“Tariq Karra’s audacity to talk about ‘political trade-offs’ was a brazen hypocrisy given that he is following a person who has made a record number of political trade-offs with the State’s regional autonomy, character and dignity in his career. Someone should wake Karra up from his political delirium and remind him that Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has not only been instrumental in eroding Article 370 but has also been involved in toppling more democratically elected governments in J&K than those he has been a part of,” the NC Spokesman said.

“Tariq Karra has no right to talk about the interests of the State given that his own family and Uncle, G. M. Sadiq was instrumental in eroding Article 370 and changing the nomenclature and stature from Prime Minister to Chief Minister on the instructions of his patrons and lords in Delhi at that time, Matto said.

Saying that Tariq Karra should lie at least a little more subtly now that he is an MP, the NC Spokesman said that not only is Mufti Sayeed the architect of AFSPA and Disturbed Areas Act in the State but is also the pioneer of Operation Tiger and Operation Catch and Kill in Kashmir. “Just minutes away from Mazar-e-Shohada is the Gaw Kadal Bridge which bears a chilling testimony to Mufti Sayeed’s Gaw Kadal Massacre in which dozens of innocent Kashmiris were gunned down ruthlessly under the directions of then Home Minister and now PDP patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed. “Tariq Karra should make a reality-check trip – both literally and metaphorically – and visit those places and blood soaked lanes of Kashmir which were drenched in the blood of innocents by none other than Mufti Mohammad Sayeed”, the NC Spokesman said.

 Alleging PDP had “desecrated” the historic and sacrosanct Martyrs’ Graveyard by sending “a delegation of ration-thieves, land-grabbers, ex-Ikhwanis and extortionists to demean and desecrate our Martyrs’ sacrifices – who are valiant heroes who laid down their lives for a life of dignity for their people,” statement said.

The NC Spokesman alleged that Tariq Karra had uttered lies and distorted version of history about Mirwaiz Yousuf Shah without owning the guilt that his party Patron, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed was complicit in the assassination of Shaheed Mirwaiz Molvi Farooq and was responsible for ordering troops to open fire on his funeral procession that resulted in the death of 73 innocent Kashmiris. “Does Karra have an answer for the why Mufti Sayeed first refused security to Mirwaiz Molvi Farooq and then once he was assassinated, he didn’t even have the humanity to spare his mourners? Or is that a ‘political tradeoff’ that Karra has already made with his conscience in order to toe Mufti Sayeed’s line?”, Mattu said.


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