PDP Distances Itself From Ashiq Bukhari, Says It Was ‘Clerical Mistake’

KL Report


Distancing itself from former SSP Ashiq Bukhari joining the party, opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti Monday termed the reports of his joining as baseless.

Talking to KNS she said, “That (joining of Bukhari) isn’t true I don’t how it has come in media. In Handwara only Rafiq Shah has joined.”

Clarifying the doubts over the media reports of Bukhari’s joining, Mehbooba said, “Our press person who issues statement in the evening was told by someone that Bukhari has joined. He (Bukhari) was with someone present in the rally. Our person without checking the facts issued the statement which is a plain clerical mistake.”

“Even in the statement it wasn’t written that he (Bukhari) has joined but it was mentioned that he was present in the rally,” she said.

The PDP president said when any leader joins they party they don’t keep it secret.  “When Nayeema Mehjoor, Haseeb Drabu, Khurshid Aalam, Sheikh Ghulam Rasool and other leaders joined the PDP, we made it public,” she added.

Countering Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s statements over the issue, Mehbooba said, “Isn’t he (Omar) the same person who in 2010 used to say if anybody hurls a stone he won’t be spared and will be fired. Now he (Omar) admits that during his tenure 120 boys were killed by Task Force. Till now he used to make AFSPA as excuse to take action against Army personnel involved in killings.”

“If the Task Force works under Chief Minister why didn’t he take any action against them? It is his criminal negligence why he didn’t take action against the accused Task Force personnel who killed 120 boys in 2010. But the reality is he couldn’t have done it as in Haji Yosuf killing, service of same Task Force was used to destroy the evidence for which he is indebted to them. That is why he couldn’t take any action against the accused Task Force officers and personnel,” she claimed.

Daring Omar Abdullah to quote one incident where Task Force killed anybody during her father Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s tenure from 2002-2005, Mehbooba said. “The Task Force was created by his father Farooq (Abdullah) sahib. in Mufti sahib’s three year tenure let him (Omar) quote any such incident where Task Force killed anybody. Same SPs, DSPs, and constables were working during Mufti sahib’s tenure. Let them say any incident like 2010 happened during that period,” she added.

“Not only 120 boys were killed by STF in 2010 but Omar justified the killings. And then people who tried to protest against the killings, FIRs in thousands were registered against them. He (Omar) termed the angry boys as drug addicts, militants and criminals,” Mehbooba alleged.



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