PDP Emerging As Only Genuine Regional Force In J&K: Mehbooba

KL Report


Asserting that her party’s political and economic agenda for J&K was not a slogan but a reality, PDP President Mehbooba Mufti today said that the party’s pro-people policies are already taking shape on the ground with PDP emerging as the only regional force to represent the people’s aspirations genuinely.

Addressing the members of village committees and workers of Devsar constituency at Qazigund, PDP President said that her party’s agenda not only addresses the internal and external dimensions of Kashmir problem, but also provides for establishing most efficient, transparent and accountable system of governance. “Unlike the NC-led coalition, who thrived and enjoyed unlimited power on just mere sloganeering, PDP agenda is becoming the focal point of discourse cutting across social and political spectrum,” she said and added that starting from its demand for revocation of draconian laws, trade across LoC, return of power projects, youth development policy etc, all these issues and many others which form a part and parcel of PDP’s vision document, are being debated all over the state.

As per a statement Mehbooba has said that PDP in a very short span of time in government brought a sense of security among people and also provided corruption-free, well performing and accountable government to the people. “PDP in coalition with Congress revoked the draconian law like POTA, brought in accountability in the forces, started a new era of development all across the state without raising any feeling of discrimination among the people of any area,” she said and added, “NC with absolute majority between 1996-2002 failed even to get mobile service started in the state, not to talk of its greater autonomy slogan.”

She has said that PDP on the other hand, with 16 members in Assembly, not only got the mobile service started for the State which besides providing easy communication to the people  also generated  jobs , but also made Mughal road and opening of LoC  a reality. “It was once again PDP who took up the issue of renegotiation of water resources and return of power projects and brought the issue into public domain,” she said and added that such issues have the potential to transform the state’s economy dramatically.

Accusing the present government of pushing the State again into a dark era of ‘mis-governance, lawlessness, corruption and institutional decay’, She said that with the support of people PDP can once again free the people from present mess and provide them with an efficient and corruption free system of governance.


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