PDP Frustrated, Floating Obnoxious Ideas, Falsehood: NC

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The statement given by PDP patron regarding the rigging of elections in 2002 has been strongly refuted by Senior leaders of National conference Ali Mohammad Sagar, Chowdhary Mohammad Ramzan and Mohammad Akbar lone, as an attempt to undermine the apathy shown by Mufti Regime in diluting the essence of Srinagar city, by virtually shifting the importance of the city, when they were in power. “The faith of the people of the Srinagar on NC emanates from the fact that the NC won all the eight seats in 2008 also. The people of city cannot forget the reality that Srinagar was left at the mercy of God during the period when PDP was in power and was turned into a virtual slum with every sign of indifference on the developmental front”, they said.

As per a statement the NC leaders have said, “Blowing the trumpet of few meters of Jehlum Bund and fly over cannot nullify the sufferings of the city people during the said period. The people cannot be hoodwinked and are no more gullible to be swayed by the utterances as they are wise enough to judge the facts. The PDP should remember that their leader from the city got a befitting reply from the people for his performance when he was 2nd in command in the said dispensation.”

The  NC leaders further said that it is a recorded fact that the PDP patron and its leaders termed the 2002 elections as being one of the most free, fair and transparent elections, where people of the state exercised their franchise. It is strange that as of now they are terming these elections as rigged ones, thereby contradicting the fact of his being elected as Chief Minister of the state in a transparent manner. It is an obvious example of opportunistic politics and political dichotomy.

The Leaders further added, “The said leader used all his contacts including the Rightist and Leftists for projecting himself as the only Indian voice and their trusted lieutenant in promoting their cause in the state. The patron should recall the press conference given by him  and issuing a direct threat to new Delhi in withdrawing from elections even after the 2nd phase and it was only after the perceived assurance given that he participated in the process, which is an indicative of the fact that he mastered the manipulation in getting the seat of  the power and becoming the Chief Minister of the state when his party had just got 14 seats and low percentage of votes when compared to other parties which were in fray.”

“The party should remember that PDP cannot carve out a space for it in the city by misinterpreting the facts like poll boycott. It is a reality that NC has all along vouched for their welfare and development and the PDP could contribute only, when in power, installing the important projects which were taken in hand by NC”, they said.

The NC leaders have also said that meeting Prime Minister and expressing apprehensions of transparent elections was itself a manifestation of ‘frustration’ and is an attempt to malign the credibility of Election Commission and democratic institutions whose credence is an acknowledged fact.

“Regarding the stand taken by Omar Abdullah in resolving the Kashmir issue is an example in itself as he has the courage and guts to call a spade a spade, which is a lesson for those who claim as the saviors of the Kashmiri’s and the state. The courageous and the historic stand taken by the Chief Minister on the floor of the House on several important issues like AFSPA, Rehabilitation Policy, Afzal Guru and other vital issues concerning the interests and welfare of the state on which the opposition always feared to tread has given a sense of insecurity and frustration to PDP, leading to such utterances and making of issues of no issues.”

This people friendly stand speaks volumes about Omar Abdullah’s concern for the people of the state rather than giving preference to the power and personal agenda, which has been the hall mark of the PDP and its leaders who have always conspired against the state for their petty political agenda and interests.  Mere utterances to misinterpret the facts are no more acceptable to the people of the state who are well aware of such kind of mechanizations, the statement reads.


  1. NC’S frustration visible: slap on the face of CEO Kishtwar by iiKitchloo : PDP sarpanch ambushed and beaten by N C gundas :another sarpanch beaten by NC gunda in police station Kulgam .


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