PDP Had Kept BJP’s Hands Tied: Mehbooba Mufti

by Yawar Hussain

SRINAGAR: Peoples Democratic Party President Mehbooba Mufti Sunday said that the party’s alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party had kept their hands tied and once that ended the latter resorted to doing things which are now unfolding in Jammu and Kashmir.

Addressing the party’s youth convention at Sher-e-Kashmir Park here, Mehbooba said, “Mufti sahib was a visionary. He had tamed the bear and when the bear was released he bruised the whole Kashmir…but what was taken from us we will take it back with interest.”

She says that it was her government which made BJP go for a Ramzan ceasefire.

She said that youngsters are not allowed to even think as they are being detained and arrested for even a social media post. “People are getting killed by militants and on the other hand forces of our own country kill youngsters in the name of hybrid militants.”

She said the BJP says that panchayat elections were conducted here then why are they holding central government? “If these elections are so prestigious, why don’t they fight these elections by leaving their chairs? But I appeal to the youth not to leave any space and fight panchayat and every other election.”

She said in 1947 Kashmiri people took on the tribal raiders who came from Pakistan. “Don’t become raiders because Kashmiris know who to throw them out.”

She said that the party would take back all the pre-August-5 things with interest.

“We had built a relation of love and affection with India but what did the BJP do, they tore our identity and mauled our respect.”

She said that there is growing unemployment in Jammu and Kashmir but the government is busy selling beer at departmental stores. “Our apple industry is suffering. The 60000 daily wagers are suffering.”

She said that amid bullets and beer, the government wants the youth to become addicts.


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