The ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party  (PDP) on Tuesday hailed the Jammu and Kashmir government as it secured 2nd rank across India in terms of growth achieved in the vital sectors of Education and Environment.

The PDP has termed such an encouraging development as an eye-opener for the opposition that has been casting rhetorical jibes against the state authorities in a bid to score political points.

The party says those striving to fish in troubled waters would be now lost in the scramble for their own gratifications as the government’s earnest efforts for the state have begun to get recognized by one and all.

“Now the survey has been done on apolitical grounds by one of the most credible institutions of the country, the political parties in the state irrespective of the political affiliations must come forward and support the earnest endeavors of the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti,” PDP’s Srinagar district president and Upper House member Mohammad Khurshid Alam said in a statement.

The PDP leader added that Mehbooba Mufti since the day of assuming office of the Chief Minster has been making all efforts to eradicate the institutionalized corruption that used to be a hallmark of the previous state governments.  Alam said that at all levels the government is striving to make the vital intuitions of Jammu and Kashmir incorruptible and principled.

He added that on political, social and developmental fronts, the state of Jammu and Kashmir is witnessing the new horizons of prosperity and very soon peace and tranquility would become the inseparable features of the state.

Hailing the Education Minister Syed Altaf Bukhari’s tireless efforts in getting the education sector of the state back on track, Alam said despite the sector witnessing sudden and tormentable   hurdles, Bukhari’s command and control not only took the education sector out of the dreadful crises but only made it the most efficient and well- organized sector in entire India.  The PDP leader said the new transfer policy for the female teachers, introduction of job-oriented subjects and creation of new degree colleges would take the education of Jammu and Kashmir to the remarkable heights soon.

At an impressive growth rate of 14.7 percent in 2015-16, Jammu and Kashmir has been ranked 2nd in the latest India Today annual ‘State of the States’ ranking. The state has also been positioned itself at 11th in the overall ranking of large states.

J&K has achieved 2nd ranking in other two key areas including Education and Environment.

Jammu and Kashmir has been ranked 7th in the public health, 6th in law & order and 10th in both economy and infrastructure.

With accruing 9th position among the top states, with the lowest percentage of population below the poverty line, J&K has managed to be counted as one of the prosperous states in the nation. Currently state’s 10.4% population is below poverty line as compared to the 5.1% of Goa, 7.1% of Kerala and 8.2% of Sikkim which have topped this category.


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