PDP has Sent Five Conditions to BJP: Sameer Koul


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People’s Democratic Party (PDP) National Spokesperson, Dr Sameer Koul Friday said that deliberations on government formation are going on with BJP and if the deal materializes, Mufti Muhammad Sayeed will be the Chief Minister of the state for whole six years.

“Politically, it will be not a suicide for PDP to form government with the support of BJP as we will govern the state on our own terms. We have our own ‘pro-people’ agenda and the party will not deviate from that agenda,” Koul told local news gathering agency CNS.

He said that NC is a non serious party and people have voted to keep this party out of power. “How can we betray our people and form government with NC. NC leaders are always interested in filling their coffers rather than work in the interest of common people,” he said.

Koul admitted that Muzaffar Hussain Beigh is constantly in touch with BJP leaders and he has put forth all the conditions before them.

When asked what are the conditions that has been put forth by his party before the BJP, Dr Koul said that at initial stage they have put forth five conditions including, the respect for the Self-Rule proposal (softening of borders), revocation of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) from peaceful areas, strengthening of Article 370, full tenure for Mufti Muhammad Sayeed as Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and comprehensive package and relief for flood hit people of Kashmir including traders.

“These conditions we have put forth at initial stage and if the deal materializes, more conditions will follow,” Koul said adding that it is the dream of PDP to mitigate the sufferings of people and to provide them good governance.


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