PDP lambasts Congress for participating in polls


Taking a strong dig at rival Congress, for participating in the polls, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chief spokesperson Rafi Ahmad Mir said that their party has thoughtfully decided to stay away from the polls.

“Participation of Congress will not matter to the PDP politically, however, it is shameful and at the same time surprising that the party has exhibited a decision that is against the will of the people,” he said.

He said that the Congress has been the Architect of erosion of J&K’s autonomy and they have always viciously engineered a plot against the sentiments of people. Stating that PDP’s decision to stay away from the polls was strongly based on a reason to respect the sentiments of people, to ensure that there are no further killings on the ground and therefore we took the decision to boycott.

Mir said that historically Congress has been deceitful and no different from those whom they attack, today its a clear writing on the wall that national parties have miserably failed to understand and address the political issue in the Valley. They have rejected the people’s call, they have butchered their sentiments and tomorrow they will be out on streets again castigating PDP for siding by the people, Mir added.

Mir said that PDP has decided to stay away from the polls over the issue of Article 35-A, currently sub judice, stating that the party won’t go against the aspirations of people for appeasing New Delhi, he said our people are dying, there is no accountability, in this scenario how can you expect a credible political process.

Mir said the decision of Congress will further alienate the people, but then its nothing new for them as they have time and again shown that they don’t care for the people of Jammu and Kashmir , it is the same party that ensured to hang Afzal Guru, and not even return his mortal remains, today they will do anything to grab power he added.

Mir said that PDP has always being a votary of strengthening democracy, even its formation in 1999, was a sign of providing a viable alternative to the people, the party in the process of upholding the democratic process has endured loss of party cadres but today it is about the safety and peace of the people, he added.


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