PDP leader donates plot for hospital, urges people to come forward for noble cause


Senior  People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader, Er Nazir Ahmad Yatoo on Wednesday announced that he will donate one Kanal land for building a hospital in central Kashmir’s Budgam district.

Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) leader, Er Nazir Yatoo

In a statement issued here, senior Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) leader, Er Nazir Yatoo said,  “People of Kashmir have gone through trying times since decades and the newly found deadly COVID-19  have compounded their problems again. The resilience showed by people of Kashmir to restart their lives after the shutdown was commendable, but again this deadly novel coronavirus has put lives in danger,” he said.

We have only a few well-equipped hospitals here in Kashmir, the aim of donating one Kanal land is to set up a well-equipped hospital in Budgam district, Yatoo said.

Yatoo promised to raise money to buy more land for a hospital at a time the government is struggling to arrange space for quarantine purpose, for people coming from outside Jammu and Kashmir.

“This serves as an eye-opener for those who believe that Kashmiris will never rise again after the shutdown,” he said.

Given the situation, senior PDP leader said that, the valley fear the potentially disastrous consequences of the coronavirus pandemic after four tests were found positive from last few days.

Apprehensions about that this may be just the “tip of the iceberg” as several hundred people, most of whom had travelled to other countries, were placed under quarantine, he said.

“There is a lack of manpower, machinery, and other infrastructure and on top of that the number of the people in the hospitals has increased,” he said. “God forbid if China or Italy like situation grips Kashmir, people will die like animals here. The government-run hospitals here lack specialised masks, Ventilators, testing kits and space to establish special quarantine and isolation wards, so it’s time to do something on an individual level,” Yatoo said.

Yatoo also requested others to donate for this noble cause and said,  he will hold a meeting with various business heads and mohalla communities of the district in coming days to convenience them to donate for setting this well-equipped hospital in area.

The site for the new hospital will be finalised in a flash when the residents will pledge to pitch in, senior PDP leader said.


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