National Conference Working President Omar Abdullah on Saturday lashed out at PDP for blaming people for the current volatile situation in the Valley instead of feeling remorse over the reign of terror and repression it unleashed in Kashmir.

He wondered at the brazen attempts of Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti underplaying the bloodshed and atrocities being committed upon the people, saying the 2016 killings, blindings and maiming of youth is un-parallel in the history of Kashmir.

“What Kashmiris underwent in 2016 or are facing now is beyond comprehension and expression”, the Working President said while intensifying election campaign for the party president Dr Farooq Abdullah in Srinagar parliamentary constituency. He said PDP had pushed Kashmiri youth to the wall and robbing them of an opportunity to live with peace and dignity.

Omar Abdullah said the anti-people policies of the PDP-BJP dispensation have brought Kashmir at the volatile cross-roads of history where nothing is visible except uncertainty, fear and harassment. “The scenario across the Valley is so grim that the people are apprehensive about their safety with economic activity and development coming to grinding halt”, he said, adding that the spree of arrests has further vitiated the atmosphere. He said the current insensitive dispensation has exposed people to administrative inertia, as a result of which they were suffering on all fronts.

He asked the PDP as to what had happened to lofty promises of jobs for youth, repealing Armed Forces Special Powers Act, ensuring 24X7 drinking water and power supply and above all resolving political problem of Kashmir. He described PDP as dream merchants.

“Yes, if PDP can take credit of anything, it is strengthened of the unbridled forces with additional 5,000 pellet guns and seven lakh pellets to target Kashmiri youth”, he added.

The National Conference Working President said the promises made by the PDP during 2014 parliamentary and assembly elections, as also while forming the government in coalition with BJP have proved hoax. Those promises were just to hoodwink public opinion, as the PDP was never sincere to what it committed to the people. He cautioned the electors against machinations of the PDP-BJP duo saying they can go to any extent in remaining in the power.

Omar Abdullah expressed his gratitude to the people of Beerwah for reposing their trust in him during 2014 assembly elections and said most of the commitments made by him have been either fulfilled or taken up and underway. He said he will always remain in the forefront to solve the problems of his constituency.

Referring to the upcoming by-polls, Omar Abdullah described these as an opportunity for oppressed people to punish the PDP for its betrayal and joining hands with communal forces. He said that National Conference has aligned with the Congress to foil the nefarious game-plan of communal forces which have made inroads in Kashmir due to courtesy of the PDP.

Omar Abdullah said that befitting reply to PDP’s betrayal would be to vote and support the NC and Congress candidates from Srinagar and Islamabad parliamentary constituencies. He exuded confidence about magnificent success of Dr Farooq Abdullah from Srinagar with the active support of sagacious voters.


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