PDP shamefully politicising Afzal Guru’s hanging: NC

KL Report


The National Conference Saturday said that it is neither the creation of an outside sponsor nor the baby of any agency as it owes its strength to the people of the state.

“We are not the baby of any agency, nor the creation of any outside sponsor. We owe our existence and power to common masses of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh and we only bank upon the public support,” NC working president’s Political advisor Tanvir Sadiq said in a statement.

“It’s amusing to see people who on the pay roll of communal forces, whose existence and are remote controlled by a saffron party of Delhi who till yesterday were talking about ‘no more made in Delhi govt’s’ are today forming an unholy alliance only suggests that they are simply returning the favour to their founders & masters by being a weaker partner in the alliance and letting the saffron party dictate terms,” said Tanvir adding “now that the alliance in the Raj Sabha  is clear why are they ashamed of forming the government now.”

“Are they finding it embarrassing to admit before the people and convince them on joining hands to form the government after indulging in fierce attacks against each other,” he questioned.

Tanvir said the two parties got so much entangled in creating hype over the issues of Article 370, uniform civil code, revocation of Armed Forces Special Powers Act and dialogue with Pakistan for resolving Kashmir issue that they have become deaf and dumb now as to how to retract from rhetoric.

Hitting PDP for politicising Afzal Gurus hanging Tanvir said, “The whimpers of PDP about the hanging of Afzal Guru are nothing but a political gimmick and Afzal’s legal fight started and ended in Mufti’s tenure, adding National Afzal was indicted, convicted and sentenced during tenure of PDP.”

“Afzal was indicted, convicted and sentenced during tenure of PDP. It’s nothing more than the political gimmick that this PDP is playing.”

He said the hanging of Afzal Guru was the most unfortunate thing that could happen in any democratic country and today PDP has no right to take political mileage out of Afzal guru’s name.

“Afzal’s legal fight started in Mufti’s tenure. Neither Mufti nor PDP raised so much so a whimper of a voice when Afzal was fighting his legal battles,” the political secretary said adding “today they have the audacity to talk about his hanging after selling their conscience for a tie up with BJP in RajSabha elections who were since beginning in favour of his hanging only to form the government and sit on the chair.”


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