PDP urges Govt to fulfil demands of SSA teachers


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Vice President Abdul Rahman Veeri on Saturday asked the government to turn considerate towards the plight of the protesting SSA teachers at an earliest.

Veeri in a statement said that the prolonged hunger strike of the SSA teachers has become worrisome and for their rights and entitlements, these nation builders are endangering their lives. “We have to address the issue on humanitarian grounds as these teachers are shaping lives of lakhs of students hailing from the far-off areas.  The Governor administration has to understand that they have families to feed and schools to run. We cannot debilitate the fulfillment of their demands of more than 44 thousand such teachers,” Veeri said.

Veeri maintained further that the party is hopeful that the government will soon act and fulfil the demands of the SSA teachers sans any further delay and encourage them to resume their duties with fresh zeal and zest.


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