PDP Using Smokescreens to Conceal Desperation for Power , alleges NC


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National Conference Tuesday evening said that PDP was trying its level best to ‘insult the intelligence of the Kashmiri people’ by using one smokescreen after another to conceal their sole demand of getting 6 years of power in the State, a party statement said.

“Mufti Mohamamd Sayeed is least bothered about these issues that PDP is suddenly trying to use as smokescreens. Had Mufti Sahab been remotely interested in these issues he would have chosen to do something about them during his three years as the Chief Minister of J&K. As we all know Mufti Sayeed did nothing on these political issues when he was the Chief Minister”, NC Spokesperson said.

“The only ‘issue’ for Mufti Sayeed is how to get six years in power so that he can eventually smoothen the way for Mehbooba Mufti. There is hence a growing desperation from PDP to politically manipulate all these issues to further its power-seeking intentions. Fortunately, the people of Kashmir are able to see through this theatrical and desperate misrepresentation of reality and hence the PDP Chief Spokesperson is impetuously hitting out at Omar Abdullah. This is nothing but a sign of sheer frustration from PDP”, the NC Spokesperson added.


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