PDP will provide justice to youth on basis of equality: Mehbooba


KL Report


Stressing on the need of youth involvement in the governance system, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president, Mehbooba Mufti Saturday said it is the PDP’s vision to establish a system based on justice and equality for the young population.

Interacting with the students from various educational institutes of the Valley at her Gupkhar residence, Mehbooba assured them that PDP will take the fight against the present corrupt, inept system to its logical conclusion to build a just system which will guarantee justice and equality for all particularly the youth.

The students were deeply traumatised by the recent BOPEE scandal, a party spokesman said adding they (students) expressed their anger and disillusionment with the present system prevailing in the state wherein the examination papers, right from matric to professional courses like medical and engineering, are put to sale.

The PDP president said the BOPEE expose has further added to the woes of the youth, who had already faced the worst kind state suppression in the form of bullets, PSAs, FIRs, pellet guns, chilli grenades and harsh curfews during the last five years.

Mehbooba said the sanctity of the educational institutions has been totally destroyed over the last five years which has sent shock waves through the student community.

“With 400 retired persons like Mushtaq Peer being reemployed through backdoor channels with hefty salaries has further closed the opportunities for young people to find employment,” said Mehooba.

She shared the concerns of the students for facing harassment from various agencies and facing corruption in education system and employment procedures.

Mehbooba assured them that youth will be the main focus of PDP’s future scheme of things and the party will involve them to get the state out of the present mess.

She said the youth of J&K have all potential and capability to rewrite a new future for themselves and for the state and the PDP will realise a system wherein they will use their creative potential to make their lives better.


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