PDP workers in Kangan unhappy with party high command

KL Report


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) workers in Kangan constituency have expressed their displeasure against the party high command for neglecting them.

The PDP workers said they are unhappy over the decision of the party high command for not giving any representation to the Kangan constituency in Rajya Sabha and MLC berths.

They accused the party high command of neglecting them and betraying them. “PDP Candidate Bashir Ahmad Mir contested against the NC Stalwart and got more than 24000 votes and lost by a close margin of nearly 1400 votes. However, still the party neglected him and didn’t choose him for Rajya sabha or MLC post,” a PDP worker Riyaz Ahmed said.

The PDP workers said that entire Ganderbal district having two constituencies has been neglected as no one from Ganderbal and Kangan have been given any post.

“We were hoping that Bashir Mir will be inducted in MLC. However, the party high command has played with our aspirations and left him out,”another PDP worker said.

Notably senior PDP leader and former Minister Qazi Muhammad Afzal has also been left out during the recently nominations of MLC.


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