Actual reason of quitting of some members will be known to all: Hurriyat (M)

KL Report


Hurriyat Conference (M) spokesman Sunday rubbished and expressed surprise over the “so-called reasons” of some general council members that appeared in some newspapers regarding their decision to leave the conglomerate.

In a statement to KNS he said, “What was known to in the forum was the keenness of these members to be made part of the executive council and they were trying hard for it. But regarding the constitution of the Hurriyat or its functioning they never expressed any disagreement and till yesterday extended their full support by implementing the programs of the organization. So it is quiet strange and contradicting that all of a sudden instead of discussing their new found reservations with regard to the constitution first with and forum, they decide to run to the press.”

The spokesman said there is definitely more to all this than meets the eye and very soon the actual reason of their quitting will be known to all.

He cautioned the people to pay no heed to their “propaganda” and said, “APHC is the inheritor of the legacy of thousands of sons and daughters of the soil who sacrificed their lives and properties for the most noble cause of freedom and justice for the people of J&K.”

The Spokesman elaborated that, as far as the Hurriyat constitution is concerned, it is clearly spell out that the peaceful resolution to the Kashmir issue could be found either by implementing the UN resolutions or by meaningful dialogue among the three parties, India, Pakistan and the people of J&K. “To achieve this, APHC has a two tier structure, namely the executive council and the general council, and membership to either council is based on certain criteria. Both the councils have their own roles and responsibilities and no change has been done to the constitution in this regard,” he added.


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