PDP’s alliance with Jamaat, HM frustration of NC: Mehbooba

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Accusing the National Conference of having lost the plot and substance to challenge the opposition because of its bad performance over the last more than five years, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president, Mehbooba Mufti Tuesday said neither NC can hope to win by levelling false accusations against the PDP nor it will save itself from the people’s wrath.

Addressing various roadside meetings in Devsar segment of Islamabad Lok Sabha constituency Mehbooba who is PDP’s Lok Sabha candidate for South Kashmir, said after having exhausted and milked all the slogans from ‘Raishumari’ to ‘Autonomy’ and now having one of the worst performances to its credit over the last more than five years in the state, NC is left with nothing to go before the people to seek votes.

“Frustration of NC is understandable with the increasing popularity of PDP among the people, that is why they blame us of having alliances with BJP, the Jamat-e-Islami (JeI) and now with Hizbul Mujahedeen and Syed Salah-u-Din,” she said adding people of the state don’t need to be reminded who rigged 87 elections and forced the politically awakened and talented Kashmiri youth to pick up guns.

She said it is the NC which turned Mohammad Yousuf Shah into Syed Salah-U-Din, who was fighting elections from Batamaloo constituency against its late leader, Mohiudin Shah and after winning by thumping majority, Mohammad Yousuf Shah was declared unsuccessful with utter disregard people’s sensibilities and choice.

“By making such wild allegations of Mufti Sahib having supported MUF, ruling party leaders are insulting the people of Kashmir who had at that time struggled very hard to build a credible regional alternative to chameleon NC, which not only sold everything for power but also failed miserably to provide good governance to the people,” said Mehbooba and by accusing Mufti Mohammad Sayeed of being behind arrival of MUF in 1987, NC is not only lying but ‘distorting history’ completely.

With the PDP getting an overwhelming response from public, the reason for NC to feel jittery is understandable, so after seeing the futility of their allegations of blaming us of having truck with BJP, they have now changed gears and accuse us of having nexus with JeI, and Syed Salah-U-Din.

“It seems they are not satisfied with the boycott call but want to get it implemented through violence, since keeping people away from the polling stations is the only way that this most corrupt and anti-people regime to survive,” she added.

Levelling wild allegations on PDP of having nexus with the different ideologies will not divert attention of the people from the anti-people or anti youth policies of ruling dispensation. Right from Shopian rape and murder case, 120 killings in 2010, Haji Yusuf’s death, Afzal Guru’s hanging, back door appointments, BOPEE, Drug scam, Cricket scam, Land grab scam, Retired officers re-employment scam etc. speak about the cruelty of this regime they unleashed upon people.

She said bartering the people and resources of the state for their chair and building family fortunes from Kashmir to London has been the only agenda of the NC leadership. She said for the ministerial berth for Omar Abdullah NC joined the BJP-led NDA in 1999 but in return got nothing but unimaginable miseries for the people of Kashmir in the shape of heinous oppressive measures like STF, POTA and extension of AFSPA to Jammu.

She said: “Who in the right mind would hand over the most viable power projects to the Centre with huge losses to state and leaving the people in darkness? Who would continue to enjoy power with BJP even after the much hyped Autonomy resolution was thrown in the wastebasket by New Delhi? Which leader of a state like J&K which is the only Muslim majority state in the country, continue to be a minister even after Gujarat riots took place and did not vote in the Parliament for condemning the same?”


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