PDP’s crimes against youth unforgivable: NC

Srinagar: National Conference on Friday said PDP’s crimes against the youth; especially those perpetrated in 2016, were unforgivable and had exposed the party’s true character and intentions. Addressing a workers’ convention at Chrar-e-Sharif Senior National Conference Leader and Former Finance Minister, Abdul Rahim Rather said PDP leaders had broken every single promise they had made to lure voters in 2014 and had bartered their conscience to ensure their own personal political and pecuniary empowerment.

“Those who promised youth empowerment and ‘change’ ended up blinding and maiming hundreds of young boys and girls. Unmoved by the staggering pain and misery they had inflicted on the people of Kashmir, they had the audacity to remain silent and went on to justify the use of pellet guns in the Honourable Courts when people tried to move the judiciary to stop the barbarism and bloodshed being perpetrated by the PDP-BJP Government”, the Senior NC Leader and Former Finance Minister said while addressing the convention at Chrar-e-Sharif today.

Abdul Rahim Rather

The Senior National Conference leader said that when PDP chose to watch as a mute spectator while our youth were being mowed down and blinded, it was National Conference which initiated a consensus among political parties in the State and met the President, Prime Minister and various national leaders to try and save the lives of our youth. “It was National Conference that filled the political vacuum and created a consensus between various political parties and leaders within the State to approach the President and the Prime Minister. During this time, PDP was occupied with lording over an unprecedented persecution of our youth”, Abdul Rahim Rather said in Chrar-e-Sharif.

“The Srinagar Parliamentary Seat fell vacant when Tariq Karra Sahab refused to be in a party which had no hesitation in playing a leading role in the mayhem of 2016. The Anantnag Seat fell vacant when Mehbooba Mufti moved to the Legislative Assembly after becoming the Chief Minister. Today we all have an opportunity to send strong and authentic voices to the Parliament – voices that will be heard, respected and would have an impact in New Delhi. There can’t be a better option than Dr. Farooq Abdullah as he commands great respect and authority among his contemporaries in national politics. In sending Dr. Farooq Abdullah to the Parliament, we will be sending a strong, unwavering and commanding voice to New Delhi – which is the need of the hour”, Rather added.

Asking people to vote in heavy numbers for the National Conference President Dr. Farooq Abdullah in the upcoming by-election for the Srinagar Lok Sabha Seat, Abdul Rahim Rather said Dr. Farooq’s victory was imperative for the interests of the State and its people and would also be a sign of caution to those forces who are hell bent to weaken and fragment our State for their ulterior motives”, the Senior NC leader added.

“As far as the developmental scenario is concerned, the chaos and mis-governance is for all of us to see. The State Government is completely clueless as the State is reeling under a governance deficit and even old developmental projects started by the previous Government stand stalled and abandoned. Chrar Constituency used to be considered as a model of development but today the neglect and callousness if for all of us to see”, the Former Finance Minister further said.


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