People in Jammu feel let down by BJP: J&K Apni Party



Launching a straight attack on the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) for cheating people of Jammu region, J&K Apni Party has accused the Union Government of reducing the status of people to the fourth class who voted them to power in assembly as well as parliamentary polls.

“The honour of people of Jammu has been compromised and downgraded by the leaders who claimed to be the champion for the cause their case in the region. BJP climbed political ladder rising voice against discrimination with the people of this region. And, ended up doing some disparity with the people who gave them the power to rule the country,” alleged J&K Apni Party leaders, Manjit Singh and Vikram Malhotra.

Both the leaders pledged that they will fight for the cause of Jammuities and invited all the political parties’ leaders including BJP to come on one platform to fight for the cause to restore lost honour.

“Right of our youth on Government jobs has been snatched and given to outsiders despite knowing how our youth get an education in troubling times of militancy and frequent border disturbance in Jammu and Kashmir,” they said.

They alleged that the people of Jammu were hurt when they were reserved for fourth class jobs. “Dogras have 200 years old proud history. We will not compromise out the rights of the people,” they said.

The Apni Party leaders said that it took seven months to all other political parties to raise their voice, that too, only yesterday when Apni Party leaders were frequently pressing for strong domicile for the people of Jammu and Kashmir with all rights reserved like in all levels of government jobs, and protection of land.

The BJP leaders who are feeling suffocated because of anti-Jammu policies in the State Unit must come out and join Apni Party so that the lost honour of the Jammu and Kashmir can be restored.

“Jammu people always trusted BJP as their voice and voted them in assembly and parliamentary elections. However, same feeling cheated by the Central Government because no one will go to Kashmir valley amid current situation, while Jammu will face the burden of new domicile laws,” they alleged.

The J&K Apni Party leaders expressed serious concern for neglecting the rights of Jammu and Kashmir’s unemployed youth on “gazetted as well as non-gazetted Government jobs in the Union Territory.”

They said that “We reject the notification, which has failed to address and acknowledge issue of the people in the Union Territory especially in Jammu despite assurances.”

They said people in this border Union Territory expected protection in all type of jobs, and right on land, but it was not given. Our children remain disturbed with militancy from last thirty years. The borders with Pakistan i.e. International Border or Line of Control continue to remain disrupted. Hence, there were expectations from the Union Government to extend helping hands.

“Exclusive rights on gazetted, non-gazetted, and all other types of Government jobs, professional educational institution, and land protection rights were projected before the Union Government time and again,” they said.

They also raised question mark 15 years of period to confirm anyone as a domicile in Jammu and Kashmir.

“It is must to have a minimum of 25 years of stay period in Jammu and Kashmir to confirm anyone as domicile. The rights of Jammu will not be allowed to be compromised at any cost. We will fight for the rights which have not been accepted/protected by the Government,” both the leaders said in strong reaction.

J&K Apni Party, leaders alleged that the Government did not consult them or other stakeholders of Jammu and Kashmir before releasing the notification.

“People of Jammu will not tolerate further discrimination. Our honour must be restored,” they warned.

Prominent leaders of the J&K Apni Party in Jammu include woman wing senior leader Namrata Sharma, student leader Raqeeq Khan, Schedule Cast (SC) leader Bodh Raj Bhagat, OBC leader Madan Lal Chalotra, and President of Contractor’s Association, Narinder Gupta (Bitta).


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