PM’s recruitment policy faces a cupid crisis

Irfan Mehraj


Now, Prime Minister’s Special Recruitment Policy for the return and rehabilitation of migrant Kashmiri Pandits has a cupid crisis. Some of those serving the valley under the package have decided to marry but the recruitment rules are keeping them apart, the state government informed the state legislature on Tuesday.

The special scheme envisaging recruitment of Kashmiri migrant youth started three years back when 3000 posts were advertised in the first instant and selection was made against 2154 posts. Out of these 2154 candidates 1447 are presently working in valley. The appointed youth were posted in various districts in the valley.

The “crisis” erupted after their posting in various districts, some of the boys and girls, decided to marry. This happened after they started working in Kashmir. Now husband and wives are serving different belts, some of them actually meeting only on weekends. They operate from the transit accommodations comprising 505 flats that government has built at four locations across Kashmir.

Admitting the phenomenon, the government on Tuesday said they have received 36 applications from the Revenue department in which newly wed couples seek closer deployments in home districts.  Out of these applications, the government said only nine applicants were found eligible to avail convenient postings under the existing rules.

State government has a transfer policy which permits couples to seek convenient posting as far as possible subject to the availability of post and in the interest of administration. Since there is ban on inter-district transfers – most of the applications fall under that, the government is not in a position to help them.




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