PM’s statement not more than jugglery of words, illustrates insincerity: JRL


Joint Resistance Leadership comprising, Syed Ali Geelani, Dr Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, and Mohammad Yasin Malik, in a joint statement denounced the Prime Minister Narinder Modi for his recent statement, saying that Kashmir is not an issue of development or administration, nor it can be resolved through military might.

“Dispute related to Jammu and Kashmir is a long-standing issue in international forums and the world community has agreed to decide its political destiny through right to self-determination,” JRL said in a statement.

While reacting to the statement of Prime Minister, Narinder Modi, JRL said that his statement is not more than jugglery of words and illustrates frustration and insincerity.

It is not an issue of mere development instead the issue relates to 15 million people for their right to self-determination, saying people since past seven decades are pursuing their sacred mission, they added.

The government is suffering from the power of arrogance, they said and added since past seven decades government is exploiting and looting our resources, saying that authorities in Delhi are deliberately ignoring the hard realities about Jammu and Kashmir.

“India forcibly seized Kashmir in 1947 with its “military might” and we are suffering heavily since that day, JRL said. During this period, more than six lakh people have been mercilessly killed,”   while pursuing the right to self-determination  in Jammu and Kashmir, properties worth billions destroyed ,women molested , hundreds and thousands  youth  detained and tortured and killed in torture centers, said JRL and added that instead of stating any logic, they are issuing ‘threats and adding fuel to fire’.

JRL suggested government leadership to learn from annals of history, saying Kashmir was much more progressive and on forefront in economy and life standard was far better than other states of India, however blaming Indian authorities for turmoil, disturbance and other issues related economy and development, JRL said that “forced” rule has pushed state to stone age like situations.

Jammu Kashmir has been blessed with rich resources, forests minerals, however, were looted and plundered by government forces and authorities in Delhi, said they.

JRL while referring to authorities in Delhi, said that it is unfortunate that Narinder Modi and other Indian politicians instead of relying on rational thinking are pursuing their ‘fanatical dogma and suggested to realize the core issue related to Kashmir.

The egoistic approach adopted by authorities is the root cause of turmoil in the state, JRL said and added that “it is the youth show that their resentment against the obstinate attitude and force used by government  forces.”

“It is a political issue related to humans,” said they and only reasonable and compassionate approach can solve this.


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