Police Seeking Information on Sects, Maslaks aimed at Creating Fissures in Society: NC



National Conference on Thursday said recent surveys by the J&K Police seeking information from the public about their religion, sect and Maslak was unacceptable and would have dangerous social and political implications.

NC Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani in a party statement said, “such moves could be aimed at creating fissures in our society which is known for amity and peaceful coexistence of people of various faiths, sects and ideologies.”

Addressing party workers at NC Headquarters at Nawa-e-Subha Complex in Srinagar, Wani said, “the party requests Honourable Governor N N Vohra to withhold the survey and stop all such surveying activities per such forms until all doubts about the questions and their justification are cleared.”

“Also, asking families where their daughters have been married is a question that stands out as odd considering it has no implications on the law and order and security implications that the J&K Police should be concerned about,” the NC Provincial President said while addressing workers in Srinagar.

The NC Provincial President said the party would strongly oppose any steps that could possibly be aimed at fragmenting and dividing the people of the State.

Meanwhile, National Conference on Thursday lashed out at PDP President Mehbooba Mufti for her “baseless and inaccurate remarks” that misrepresented the sentiments and political struggle of the people of Shehar-e-Khaas.

“While PDP’s praise of Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad was understandable given commonalities of sabotage of democracy, their lies were brazen and shameless,” NC MLA Habba Kadal, Shameema Firdous said, “SK Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, Dr Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah have all shared personal and emotional bonds with Shehar-e-Khaas and its people – as was proven by the warm receptions they have always received on tours of inner city.”

“One understands why Mehbooba Ji and PDP would praise Bakshi Sahab. PDP finds its origins in the same camps and annals of political sabotage and treachery that incarcerated SK Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah for more than two decades. That said, Mehbooba Mufti should know that whenever Late Mufti Sayeed Sahab visited Shehar-e-Khaas as the Chief Minister, the entire city was put under an unofficial curfew with people disallowed to venture out of their homes. If this is a sign of popularity to Mehbooba Ji, then one can only empathize with her,” Shameema said.

Shameema added, “all three Chief Ministers of National Conference have received rousing receptions in Shehar-e-Khaas and it was none other than Dr Farooq Abdullah and later Mr. Omar Abdullah who went into the lanes and by-lanes of Shehar-e-Khaas and interacted with locals after political turmoil ebbed in the State.” “Rather than trying to resort to brazen lying to salvage her party’s image and save it from imminent political doom, Mehbooba Ji should focus on taking a call on government formation in the State along with her ally the BJP. No amount of concoction and fabrication can save PDP from political extinction. The people of Srinagar have been abandoned and let down by the PDP-BJP Government led by Late Mufti Sahab. The PDP-BJP Government lied to the flood victims and cheated them with fake and hollow promises of rehabilitation. Mehbooba Mufti should venture into Shehar-e-Khaas today to understand the sense of anger and disappointment among the people against the PDP and the previous PDP-BJP Government.”


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