Police Seize Two Trucks Laden with Counterfeit Wheat Bran in Islamabad



In a major achievement, police seized two counterfeit bran laden trucks to be supplied to an accused trader in the South Kashmir district who could later sell the spurious animal fodder through false trade description intentionally using identical mark ‘P’ and identical packaging so as to mislead, defraud and cheat customers. The two drivers have been arrested.

Giving details to KNS, Station House Officer of Islamabad Police Station said the intention of the traders was to smuggle the counterfeit and spurious wheat bran to various markets of South Kashmir districts and earn huge profits. He said the two trucks bearing number JK02AQ-0845 and JK02AQ-0875 were seized and the two drivers are being questioned.

The police officer said under ‘P Mark brand’, the New Bharat Floor Mills in Bari Brahmina, Jammu produces flour, bran and many other products which are supplied to areas of South Kashmir besides other parts of the state. The officer said that investigation has revealed that some unscrupulous elements are misusing the brand mark and packaging to supply counterfeit and spurious products. He said the spurious brand that was seized by police was packaged in Delhi and brought all the way to South Kashmir to sell it here. The officer said that real wheat bran produced by New Bharat Floor Mills costs Rs 470 for one quintal bag, while the same quantity of spurious bran costs only Rs 400.


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