Police Shot an Order to Prevent Rifle-Snatching Incidents in Future



A week after another rifle-snatching incident surfaced in South Kashmir, the police have shot a strict order to its rank and file stating “don’t carry the weapons when going on a leave”.

The order issued by DGP K Rajendra came after constable Shakoor Ahmed Parrey decamped with four weapons from the residence of Bijbehara Sub-Division Police Officer Irshad Ahmad Bhat last week. The incident apparently exposed the chinks in state police forces’ armoury besides inviting a bad press.

“It has been observed that police personnel, deployed on PSO/escort/guard duties, while proceeding on leave do not deposit their allotted weapons in the posts,” the order read. “At many times, this has resulted in theft of weapons and there is every possibility of these weapons falling into the hands of anti-national elements.”

No police personnel, the order said, shall be allowed to retain the weapon, allotted to him, in his custody during the period of casual, earned or any other leave. “Any police personnel proceeding on leave shall deposit his weapons in the ‘kot’ (post) or nearest police station concerned as the case may be.”


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