‘Political sycophants’ calling shots in Sonawari; Constituency in a complete mess, locals claim



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Political sycophants have virtually controlled almost all the government departments in Sonawari constituency that falls in Bandipora district in northern part of Kashmir. These workers who according to locals belong to a particular political party have been ruling the roost while the irony is that works in R&B and Irrigation and Flood Control Departments are being allotted at the signals of these political sycophants.

“The Sonawari Constituency is in total mess where not a single government officer can pass any order. Here orders are passed and works are allotted on the directions of political workers. Common people have to wait in queue for hours outside government offices controlled by these workers,” said a group of people from Sumbal Sonawari to news agency CNS.

They said works are allotted without tenders. “Departments don’t follow rules and regulations in presence of these political ruffians.”

Locals said that a political leader from ruling party has been showering undue favours upon government officials. “An officer who is Assistant Executive Engineer Irrigation and Flood Control Division Sumbal, was recently demoted and transferred from the Division, but this political leader brought him back within a short span of one month and promoted him as Executive Engineer. This official has been ignoring all the contractors and allots works to those affiliated with that political leader.”

According to locals, during the time of National Conference, such discrimination and corruption was not there. “There was little bit of corruption and favoritism then but the present scenario is altogether different. There is huge disparity, corruption, loot and nepotism and the anger among people is brewing.”

“From past three years, only 20 per cent work on Sumbal Bridge has been completed. The work has been abandoned in wake of lack of accountability. Officers didn’t listen to people as they are backed by political sycophants. There is so much loot going on. If Vigilance Commission will take note and act, it will unearth scams in every department of Sonawari Constituency,” said an elderly man adding that benefits are being reaped by a particular political section.

“We not only appeal Chief Minister to find herself why people are unhappy with her government and party but also request Chief Vigilance Commissioner to initiate action into the bungling in government departments in Sonawari Constituency.” (CNS)


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