Politics Art of Possibilities; Will Facilitate Meaningful Dialogue with All Internal Stakeholders: Mufti

KL Report


mufti-sayedDescribing the last 50 years as difficult for the state of Jammu and Kashmir, CM Mufti Muhammad Sayeed Wednesday said there are ways and means, “which we have to explore to bring the state out of political uncertainty”.

“I could have become the Chief Minister two months earlier. I have my goals,” he said while emphasizing to take the peace process forward. “Politics is the art of possibilities, managing contradictions.”

Recalling his earlier tenure as chief minister, Mufti Sayeed said his Government will facilitate and help initiate a sustained and meaningful dialogue with all internal stakeholders.

“In 2002, when I was the chief minister, we took several steps that ensured peace on borders from Kargil to Kathua,” he added.

Describing SAARC as a ladder to initiate a dialogue with all the neighbours for taking peace process forward, Mufti Sayeed said his objective was not to become the chief minister but work on a wider canvas to give people an inclusive and accountable government.

Referring to the media as an important pillar of the society, the Chief Minister said it has a critical role to play in keeping the Government on its toes. “Media has to oppose and expose. We live in a democratic set up where the Fourth Estate enjoys equal rights,” he said.


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