State Congress Chief Ghulam Ahmed Mir Sunday said that politics of polarization has come to an end as people have rejected BJP’s communal agenda and anti-people policies.

“BJP has polarized the situation during Elections in the country, divided people to gain political mileage. There is no doubt that BJP succeeded in polarizing the situation, but  it is also true people of country have realized that BJP played a polarization card to  mislead them( people) on various religion, regional lines,” Mir said while addressing a day-long political convention at Banihal in Jammu region.

The PCC Chief said the same Strategy was adopted by BJP in Jammu to defeat the Congress, but the fact is the Party has secured highest percentage of votes in the Assembly Elections 2014.

“BJP polarized the situation in the country on religion and regional lines, so that it (BJP) could emerge a single largest Party in 2014 Lok Sabha Elections. But people of the country have now realized the game plan and poll strategy of BJP.  How they polarized the situation for the sake power is an eye opener for everyone now,” Mir said.

He said the “double speak and lust for power have exposed BJP and its leaders in front of people and their so-called membership drive in Kashmir or Jammu have proved futile exercise.”

“BJP will not succeed to mislead people further by their hollow slogans or bogus membership, they just want to remain in limelight to satisfy their Mentors in Delhi,” Mir said.

The PCC chief castigated both PDP and BJP coalition for failure on all fronts and said Coalition government is neither interest nor in hurry to address issues of people of Jammu and Kashmir.

“They are just trying to t adopt those policies in J&K that will benefit them only politically, not the people. Both PDP and BJP have destabilized the state politically. Instead of concentrating on Development and people issues they are playing pranks with the people on the name of Good Governance or Achay Din of BJP,” the PCC Chief said.

“Their approach and contradictions in the policies of PDP-BJP have sent wrong and confusing signals in Jammu and Kashmir State,” he claimed.

The PCC Chief while referring to the local problems expressed anguish over he shortage of ration in far flung area of the State, where there is need of ration government is unable to ensure the supply. He expressed concern those families who are registered as per census of 2011 are being deleted merely on political grounds.


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