Possible Regime Change jitters babus


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The prospect of a new government coming to power after the Assembly polls is keeping bureaucrats and higher official on tenterhooks. They fear if there is a change of guard in the state after elections, they will lose the plum postings which they occupy at the moment due to the patronage of present ministers.

Sources revealed to KNS that Civil Secretariat is witnessing some interesting scenes these days. While the senior bureaucracy is busy to implement the directives of mantris, before modal code of conduct comes into force, some IAS officers and higher officials who have patronage of the ministers, are a worried lot.

Sources said that some senior officials at the Secretariat are busy discussing how new government will deal with them despite the fact that they are the darlings of the present regime. One believes that it will be major changes if a new alliance comes to power.

“It is more than apparent in the Secretariat that most government officials/ministers and people in position of authority misuse the powers. The politically motivated postings and transfers of officers are the routine work,” sources told KNS.

Meanwhile, information gathered by KNS correspondent from the Secretariat revealed that practices such as officers getting their favorite posts, switching over from one service to another is unabated.

According to officials, the favorite transfers could raise the question of conflict of interest for the Omar government. The Congress-NC coalition Government is clearly not having a smooth run due to internal dissension. The outbreak of several scams and allegations of misgovernance have only made the going tougher for the coalition government.


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