Pouring Verses


by Zubair Arif Shah




The beauty of dancing blossoms

amidst the drizzling desert,

pouring divine ecstasy

in the empty glass of love.


What love is it

when nature imprisons its fate?

Nature is imprisoned in love,

and love is imprisoned in flesh.


Flying without wings

in the heaven of birds,

and joyously drowning

in sea of souls.


What unites the spirit

is the freedom from flesh.

Love resides in self,

and self-resides in heavens.


The purity of divine rain

kissing the desolate desert,

turns every seeker

smell the fragrance of love.


And when the empty glass

of love spills over,

the entire world ceases

to exist anymore.


(Zubair Arif Shah is undergraduate student at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.)


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