Jammu and Kashmir suffer losses of around Rs 4,800 crore in a year in the power sector, Minister for Education, Finance, Labour, and Employment, Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari said.

Citing revenue deficit in the power sector, Bukhari said state suffers approximately Rs 4,800 crore yearly loss against the procurement of electricity which can be brought down if the society develops the habit of resource conservation.

None other than a teacher can help to bring this change as they are architects of an emancipated and progressive society, the minister said and sought the cooperation of teachers to take this message to every home.

“Our state needs to develop a habit of judicious use, conservation, and generation of resources to make them long lasting for posterity. Teachers through their grit of patience and untiring teaching capabilities can make children understand about the importance of developing these good habits, the minister said while addressing a huge gathering of teachers on the occasion of Lecturers Day.

He said the government and its officials, who are also part of the society, are the guardian of the people’s wealth and own the responsibility to save the state’s resources. Expressing optimism, he said situation can be definitely reversed provided the need for change is met.

Meanwhile, the Minister assured the Forum that all their genuine demands would be thoroughly discussed and addressed in due course of time.


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