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“I was never in favour of pre-poll alliance with Congress party. Our alliance with Congress would neither benefit us nor Congress and it may prove unprofitable deal for both the parties,” this was stated by National Conference Additional General Secretary Dr Shiekh Mustafa Kamal on Saturday.

He told news gathering agency CNS that Congress could have easily forge with an alliance with People’s Democratic Party but it opted for NC because PDP ‘ditched’ Azad government in 2008.

“I had my reservations about forging pre-poll alliance with Congress but it was collective decision of the party and I accepted that. I know that the deal is not profitable and it may prove unproductive for both the parties,” Kamal said adding that PDP was eager to have a pre-poll alliance with Congress.

Kamal admitted that there are differences of opinion on various issues between NC and Congress. He said that if voted to power, NC would try its best to implement the recommendations of Justice Sagheer report on which consensus continues to elude the ruling coalition of National Conference and Congress on certain critical recommendations.

“The primary issue in the report, dealing with autonomy of J&K, is the main reason of confrontation between the coalition partners. There is difference of opinion among the members of the Cabinet Sub Committee, particularly with regard to the recommendation of restoration of Autonomy. We are still in power and our party will ensure that these recommendations be implemented in letter and spirit,” Kamal said. (CNS)


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