Private schools offer to ‘reform’ government schools

KL Report


The J&K Private Schools United Front (PSUF) has proposed a private-public partnership for reforming the ailing government schools. The front said that they can double the present success rate of the schools at half the budget allocated to them.

The front expressed its disappointment at the continuous downturn of the government education sector. “This is getting worst with every passing day. The failure rate of students in Matric and +2 results are mounting in government schools,” said G N Var, general secretary PSUF. “We are heading for a social disaster.”

The front asked the government to address the issue before it is too late. “We have even surpassed the critical stage and more than 50 percent of total students are failing regularly,” said Var. “Every year you are sending tens of thousands of boys and girls literally into streets. With drug addiction and crime on rise, one can imagine the emerging scenario.”

The front said that the education department has closed hundreds of non-performing schools which is not going to help, and only reforms can save the situation. “We are ready to help and can double the success rate at half the government budget,” said Var. “Now the education ministry has to take the decision. We are ready to discuss in detail.”

The front said that the extension of winter holidays due to weather conditions has already wreaked havoc with the current academic session. “We have already lost a month. The first term of exams looks out of question,” said Var. “It is hard on private schools too. Our students would pass, but there would be a knowledge gap due to these missed days.”

The front lambasted government for following no-brainer policy on winter vacations. “They announced winter vacations at the start of the December whereas the weather turned bitter cold at the end of December. Three weeks of productive weather were lost,” said Var.

The front questioned about huge funds spent by government in purchasing heating arrangement for government schools. “Where are those coal heaters purchased for crores of rupees that could have made government schools winter compliant,” said Var. “Unfortunately they are in the offices, houses and even servant quarters of concerned government officials.”

The front said if the present situation continues, Kashmir is heading towards a bleak future. “The education sector has been thrown to dogs. Time is not far when it will create a huge divide in the society,” said Var. “That situation should scare us all.”


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