Protest in Wuyan Pampore after tricolor painted on Mosque

Aakash Hassan


Protests erupted in Wuyan village in Pampore area on Tuesday after tri-color flags were found painted on the walls of the village mosque.

Locals of wuyan village protesting after tri-colour found painted on Mosque walls. KL image

A local speaking with Kashmir Life said that after they went to offer Fajr, Dawn prayers they found “Indian flags painted on the walls.”

The locals later staged a protest demonstration in the village shouting ‘go India go back slogans’.

“We cannot accept this sort of act and demand action against the people who are behind this,” said Imam of the mosque, Jamia Hanafia.

Tri colour painted on Mosque walls in Wuyan willage of Pampore area. KL Image

“This is our praying place and how can anyone tolerate disrespect with it,” he said.

SHO Pampore, when contacted, said that the matter has come to his notice.

“I have received the information and everything is now normal,” he said.



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