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Police on Wednesday arrested at least two persons, Thomas Jain from USA and Alora Millo from Brazil in Shivpora locality of Srinagar, after the locals alleged that they were converting the Muslim youth to Christianity.

Police has sealed the building of Advocate Syed Mohammad Lateef where the duo was putting up as paying guests along with their family of 5 ladies, 3 kids and other 2 male members.

As per police sources the rest of the family has been taken to some ‘safer’ place by local police apprehending law and order problem in the area.

The area witnessed a massive protest after the news spread that some Christians were allegedly using the premises for conversion.

“Jain is living here since a long period of time and it was revealed today that he is in fact working as a Christian Missionary and he has converted a many local Muslim youth,” said a protester adding that Jain and his associates were apparently working for the welfare of the orphans and other downtrodden.

Pertinently, last year, the working of some Christian Missionaries was in the news and the grand Mufti had passed a Fatwa against them.

Police sources told Kashmir Life that Jain and Alora Milli have been taken into custody and the investigation has been started.

Till the last reports came in, heavy stone pelting was going on in the area.


  1. Os muçulmanos nao querem que ninguem se convertam ao cristianismo, mas eles querem convreter os cristãos ao Islã. ou seja eles sao os certos do mundo. É UMA VERGONHA. Eles vem aos paises democraticos e podem fazer novos adeptos agora os outros nao podem ir aos seus paises e fazer o mesmo. VIDA AOS MULÇUMANOS e não morte. POIS A VIDA É CRISTO.


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