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In yet another incident involving Army, locals at Sadarkoot Bala in North Kashmir’s Bandipora district Tuesday staged a protest alleging that Army men in civvies barged into their house in the middle of night and harassed them. The protesters alleged that the Army men disguised as policemen and on the pretext of verification harassed both men and women folk.

“As we came to know about their reality, we chased them away, but they fired several shots in air, creating panic in the area,” one of the protesters told news agency CNS.

The protestors blocked Bandipora-Srinagar road, thereby hampering traffic movement. They were demanding action against army men indulging in harassment of the locals during unnecessary night raids.

“Posing as policemen, army soldiers from the nearby camp barged into our homes at midnight. They were in civvies.The soldiers ran away after locals came to know that they were not policemen. While fleeing they fired several shots in air, triggering panic,” said the protesters.

“One the one hand we are being called to attend the police-public meetings and are asked to maintain peace in the area while on the other hand we are being forced to hit to roads,” said a protesters adding that the lawlessness in the area will have serious ramifications.

The protesters alleged that it has become a routine for some of the army men to harass people. “Even our women folk are not safe. They forcibly enter into houses and silence the people on gun point,” they said.

This was the second anti-army protest in a row in North Kashmir. A day before locals had held an anti-army protest after some of the army men thrashed over a dozen people at Sadarkoot Payeen.

SP Bandipora Sheikh Zulifkar told CNS that the matter has been sorted out. “We have in fact called some Army officials and if the allegations prove correct, action will be initiated,” he said. (CNS)


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