PSA on Auqaf Head: ‘Mehbooba’s Noise on Slapping PSAs was Aimed to Achieve Power’



Fayaz Ahmad Rather
Fayaz Ahmad Rather

National Conference Friday expressed angst over the state governments’ policy of invoking PSA against a religious figure in Kulgam and called the trend of targeting innocent civilians dangerous and disturbing.

“PDP-BJP government has taken oppression of the state subjects to new heights. Invoking of the PSA against Fayaz Ahmad Rather, who besides being head of local Auqaf committe Bugam Kulgam was also involved in educating children of economically disadvantaged families, is to say the least, tragic,” said NC Kashmir Province Spokesperson.

While calling the act gross violation of International Humanitarian Law, Imran said, “arresting Fayaz under the pretext for leading the funeral prayers of a slain militant in Kulgam couple of weeks back, defies not just Article 17 of International Humanitarian Law but exposes governments disregard for religious sentiments of people.”

“Article 17 of International Humanitarian Law (GC1) states wherever possible, the dead shall be interred by religious personnel of the same denomination. The states concerned have the duty to assist such personnel such personnel, within the means available, in fulfilling the task,” the NC statement said.

The spokesperson said, “it is a dangerous trend wherein people, of whatever affiliations they are, come under the radar of security agencies for performing basic religious duties, of which attending funeral prayers is one. Going by the same logic, government can arrest anyone who participates in the funeral prayers of slain militants.”

He further said, “it was Mehbooba Mufti who would waste no opportunity and protest against PSAs filed against timber smugglers. But now she chooses to be silent thus making it amply clear that all her noise was aimed to achieve power and nothing else.”

The provincial spokesperson said that Mufti Sayed had taken it upon himself to praise PM Modi thereby “becoming the new mascot of right-wing parties”. “It was the same leadership which would exploit the local sentiment by using emotive slogans like Goli Se Nahi, Boli Se.”

“Their tyrannical policies, double standards and sinister motives are now more exposed than ever,” he said.


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