PUF members stage protest, demand revocation of highway, train restrictions


Members associated with recently formed alliance Peoples United Front (PUF) staged a sit-in protest at Srinagar’s press Enclave against five hours ban on Srinagar-Jammu highway during Yatra days and suspension of trains on Qazigund-Banihal track.

PUf members stages protest against 5 hours of highway ban and suspension of train services on Qazigund-Banihal track, at Press Enclave on July 5, 2019. KL image by UK

Scores of the members including Awami Itihaad Party (AIP) president and former MLA Langate Er Rasheed, student activist, Shehla Rashid who recently Joined Jammu Kashmir Peoples Movement (JKPM), and many others associated with the alliance (PUF) assembled in press colony and sought the revocation of the highway ban and restoration of train services on Banihal to Qazigund track.

Holding placards that read, “Yes to Yatra, No to Ban”, “Revoke Highway and Train Restrictions,” the members said that the current government is turning a blind eye towards the plea by blocking the main thoroughfare.

They said the besides common masses, the blockade has hit the economy of the state, and hoteliers’, transporters, and fruit growers are suffering the most.

Rasheed denounced the ban and called it a gross violation of the fundamental rights of people of Kashmir. He said who doesn’t know that more than security agencies Kashmiris make Yatra a success but by creating issues just to defame Kashmiris and make their life miserable Delhi is exposing “hatred” towards Kashmiris.

It is unfortunate that Yatra is being communalized for political gains and Delhi is giving the notion that Kashmiris are anti-Hindu. Not only common men but students, patients, government employees and business community are suffering and entire Kashmir feels caged and jailed.

Rasheed challenged the government to withdraw the security cover on the highway and see how Kashmiris Muslims will facilitate and protect the Yatris and make Yatra success.


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