PUF starts three day sit-in to demand tunnels for Karnah and Gurez


Volunteers of People’s United Front led by former legislator Er Rasheed started 3-day sit-in near Civil Secretariat Srinagar on Tuesday to press for providing tunnel connectivity to Gurez and Karnah without further delay.

Er Led PUF starts three day sit-in to demand tunnels for Karnah and Gurez

On the occasion, Er Rasheed while talking to media said that people of Karnah, Gurez and other border areas have a right to live with honor and dignity.

Former legislator Er Rasheed on Tuesday staged a sit-in near Civil Secretariat here along with activists of Peoples United Front (PUF) to demand tunnels for Gurez and Karnah areas.

Er Rasheed said, “Karnah and Gurez need tunnel not LOC shelling, Bofors guns, arms and ammunition. It is disgraceful that despite praising people of border areas every time and using their innocence and sincerity for national gains, Delhi has been doing worst to the local population in these border areas. Every year precious lives are lost and the areas remain cut off for months together in bad weathers.”

“While people on the other side of the LOC have better roads and other basic amenities but unfortunately people from our side are living a miserable life. The government must wake up and listen to the sufferings of people of Gurez and Karnah,” he said.

Er Rasheed added that sit-in is aimed at not only asking Union government to take notice of miseries and misfortunes of people of border areas but let the entire people of J&K wake up and speak for people of Karnah and Gurez.

Er Rasheed appealed Governor Satya pal Malik to prove his claims of good governance and take up the issue with Union government for early approval of the much-needed tunnels at Nastachun Gali (Sadhna Top) and Razdhan top for Karnah and Gurez respectively.

Er Rasheeed lashed out at National media and said that if Karnah and Gurez fetch headlines in hours of tension at borders, why couldn’t the sufferings of Karnah and Gurez become a headline or night hour debate for these national TV channels.


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