Pugwash Conference Against Kashmiri National Interest; JKLF Won’t Participate: Malik

KL Report


Pugwash conference on Jammu Kashmir is acting against the national interests of Kashmiris and it is only safeguarding the interests of India and Pakistan, said Yasin Malik, the chairman of JKLF while commenting upon the Pugwash conference scheduled to be held from 15-17th September 2013 in Pakistani capital Islamabad. He also said that the solution of Kashmir issue is only possible with the active participation of people of Jammu Kashmir only.M-YASIN-MALIK-(2)

“This is a painful reality for and we cannot witness this anti Kashmiri attitude as a silent spectator,” said Malik, who along with senior JKLF leaders in Azad Kashmir Mohammad Rafiq Dar has been invited to attend the conference. He said that Pugwash is again gathering Indian, Pakistani, Kashmiri leadership across ceasefire line and intellectuals in 5 star hotel in Islamabad to discuss Jammu Kashmir.

As per a statement Malik has said that was he was cheated in one such conference of 2006. “In 2006 I along with senior JKLF leader engineer Ghulam Rasool Dar attended Pugwash conference held in Islamabad. Leaders from India, Pakistan, Azad Kashmir and this part of Kashmir discussed the Kashmir issue and put forth a resolution before the participants. The resolution said that people of Jammu Kashmir welcome the peace process and dialogue process between India and Pakistan, but as Kashmir was not a border dispute between the these two countries but the issue of determining the future of millions of Kashmiris who have and are giving sacrifices for this just cause, so these two cannot solve this problem bilaterally and will have to accept the owner status of Kashmiris vis-à-vis Kashmir and as a prime party include them in this resolution process. The resolution also said that for making dialogue process transparent and acceptable to all and fruitful it was imperative to include the militant leadership in Jehad council into it.”

Malik added that “surprisingly there was no mention of the resolution in the final report of the conference. And instead it had matters related to across LOC trade.”

Malik said, “This dishonesty of Pugwash organizers clearly revealed that it’s only job was to brush aside the national interests of Kashmiri’s, safeguard the interests of India and Pakistan and gather Kashmiri leadership just to wet the programs and proposals of India and Pakistan and provide legitimacy to these programs.” He added that JKLF has decided to boycott this conference and will remain away from it.


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