SRINAGAR: Pulwama’s renowned springs are experiencing a drying trend, attributed to a prolonged dry spell in the Kashmir Valley, leading to water scarcity in multiple villages. Aripal Spring in Tral and Bulbul Spring in Newa Pulwama are notably impacted water sources.

Public Health Engineering (PHE) officials in Tral report a steady decline in the water level of Aripal Spring over the past weeks, culminating in its complete depletion. This spring played a vital role as a drinking water source for various supply schemes, contributing to water scarcity in diverse areas. Due to the spring’s exhaustion, the Fisheries Department relocated its fish farm near Aripal Spring to Dobiwan and other locations.

Officials caution that unless there is precipitation in the form of snow or rain in the coming weeks, the entire spring faces the risk of drying up, intensifying the water shortage issue.

Residents express their ongoing struggle with water scarcity, marking the first significant drop in the water level at Aripal Spring in recent history.

Similarly, Bulbul Spring in Newa, which has supported a water supply scheme for four decades, has also dried up, leading to water shortages in numerous villages. Residents emphasise the urgent need for a well until precipitation replenishes the springs. Despite the groundwater department identifying suitable land for the well, residents report a lack of action.

Locals in the Tral and Newa areas urge authorities to promptly address the issue and implement necessary measures.

Officials said ongoing exploration of alternate arrangements and the deployment of tankers to supply water to affected villages, intended to prevent further hardships for the local population. (KNO)


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