Put An End To Border Skirmishes And Resume Consultations At The Highest Level: Tarigami


KL Report


Flustered by the escalation in tensions between India and Pakistan over incidents of skirmishes across LoC CPI (M) state secretary Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami has voiced hope that both countries will maintain peace through consultations at the highest level.

“It must be appreciated that the two neighboring countries largely observed ceasefire along the LoC in the last ten years and had taken steps to normalize relations. But the fresh violent incidents on the border have saddened on and all,” Tarigami observed in a statement released on Friday.

Urging the leadership of two neighbouring countries to arrest down-slide in border situation which has generated fear and panic among the people he said whoever to blame and whatever the cause, the skirmishes in any case risk the prosperity and security of two countries that have far more in common than the areas of suspicion and discard.

The statement reads the CPI (M) leader said the silencing of guns along the border had made other important initiatives possible which included the trade and travel across the LoC. “But unfortunately, the incidents of skirmishes and hostilities along the border have affected the trade which has come to a halt for the last few days,” he said and added that there was peace, security and amity among the inhabitants of the border area across LoC, however the recent incidents of violence have taken the situation back to square one.

Observing that the tragedy of the fragile relations between these two neighboring countries is that the painstaking progress at different levels can be overturned in an instant by violence, the CPI (M) leader remarked that this for what, it is in the interests of the entire region, that the leadership of both the countries must rise to the occasion and ensure cessation of hostilities across the border. 


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