Rally Row: Take Action Or ‘Consequences’ Would Follow, ally BJP Tells Government

KL Report


The state government ally, right wing Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) Thursday asked state government led by PDP patron and Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed to take action against Masarat Alam and others for “anti-India” activity or “consequences” would follow.

BJP General Secretary and MLA Kathua Rajiv Jasrotia demanded action against separatist leader Masarat Alam “for waving Pakistani flag and raising anti-India slogans” at a rally in Srinagar on Hurriyat patriarch Syed Ali Geelani’s return from New Delhi.

“Taking strong exception to the waving of Pakistani flags and raising of pro-Pakistan slogans at a rally in Srinagar,” Jasrotia in a statement issued on Thursday evening asked state government to “take immediate action against separatist leaders like Masarat Alam, failing which ‘consequences’ would follow”.

“This is unacceptable. I demand immediate action against Alam and the others who were involved anti-India act. There can be no leniency on this, this is clearly a major aberration and I expect government to take action.”

Slamming the act, Jasrotia said, “India does not agree with his (Alam) stand of waving Pakistan`s flag in India. I want action against Masarat Alam as soon as possible. I am hopeful that state government will take action as per the law,” he asserted.

“The case has rightly been registered against them. It is a straight case of sedition. Those raising the Pakistani flag have no right to be in India and therefore the Jammu and Kashmir Police have taken the right decision,” Jasrotia maintained.

“Geelani the octogenarian separatist leader with a heavy tilt towards Pakistan knows exactly how to remain in news. Time and again, it has been proved that his political ideology is based on heavy dose of communalism,” BJP State General Secretary and MLA from Kathua constituency, Rajiv Jasrotia said in a statement issued this evening.

“Over the years,” Jasrotia maintained, “Geelani has mastered the art of exploiting religious beliefs of the common Kashmiri Muslims. His rantings like his character have changed from time to time.”

Jasrotia said that all the separatists are having a “lean period, the people of Kashmir have totally rejected them leading to frustration” among the separatists.

“They are trying every trick in their sleeve to galvanize the public to create the state of chaos and uncertainty. It is very difficult to say whether Geelani is having prophetic dreams, day dreaming because if insomnia, or whether ISI and his handlers across the border are giving him these suggestions, but one thing is sure-he has a phobia — doctors call it xenophobia — I call it Pak Phobia,” Jasrotia said.


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