Ram Madhav retracts ‘instructions from Pak’ remark after Omar dares him to prove allegation


Soon after the former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah dared BJP’s General Secretary Ram Madhav to prove his “instructions from Pakistan” allegation, the BJP leader took back his remarks after the two leaders clashed on Twitter.

Madhav in a recent tweet said that he takes back his comment as Omar has denied that there was any external pressure to both the parties to form a government in the state.

“Just landed@Aizawl n saw this. Now tht u deny any external pressure I take back my comment, bt, now tht u proved it ws genuine love btw NC n PDP tht prompted a failed govt formation attempt,u shud fight nxt elections 2gether. Mind u it’s  pol comnt,not personal,” Madhav tweeted.

Madhav had earlier said that People’s Democratic Party and National Conference boycotted local body polls last month because they had “instructions from Pakistan” to come together and form a government in the state.

Replying to Madhav’s remark, Omar Abdullah dared the BJP leader to prove his allegation and wrote: “I dare you @rammadhavbjp ji to prove your allegation. You have RAW, NIA & IB at your command (CBI too is your parrot) so have the guts to place evidence in the public domain. Either prove this or be man enough to apologise. Don’t practice shoot & scoot politics.”

In a reply to this, Madhav wrote: “Just take it in your stride @OmarAbdullah Not questioning your patriotism at all. But d sudden love between NC n PDP n d hurry to form government leads to many suspicions n political comments. Not to offend u.”

Omar had dared the BJP leader to prove his “instructions from Pakistan” allegation or to apologise over the remark.


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