Ramadhan ceasefire a welcome move: Tarigami


While welcoming the Dehli’s decision to announce a unilateral ceasefire in Kashmir during Ramadhan, CPI (M) leader and MLA Kulgam Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami on Wednesday hoped that not only for this month, but we expect violence will end forever and it will help in to initiate a meaningful dialogue process.

“Political backup and political dialogue with dissenting voices and Pakistan is a must for the success of this initiative. The political leadership needs to backup ceasefire proposals as perhaps the previous such announcements failed due to the lack of political backup that could have sustained them,” said Tarigami in a statement.

Tarigami said that silencing of guns on both sides is the need of the hour as hostilities can further derail the efforts leading towards the formation of better understanding. There is also a need for all the stakeholders involved to shun the extreme and rigid positions in favour of some common middle ground which will take into consideration the genuine political aspirations of all the people involved.

“Violence is an option for none and especially for the suffering people of Jammu and Kashmir, who have been the worst victims of hostilities in the region for last so many decades,” he said.

“History is a witness that Kashmiris have remained at peace to love through ages. What went wrong needs to be analyzed in a proper way and causes for continued unrest and uncertainty need to be identified and addressed through a credible process of dialogue,” he added.

“Prime Minister Modi is scheduled to visit Kashmir on May 19, we expect him to announce a plan for the meaningful process of dialogue,” said Tarigami.

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