Rashid Castigates Omar over ‘Integral part’ remarks

KL Report


President Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) and MLA Langate Engineer Rashid while castigating Chief Minister Omar Abdullah over his recent remarks that ‘Kashmir is India’s Integral Part’, said that such statements would not make Omar New Delhi’s “beloved” neither such statements will make Kashmir India’s Integral part.

In a statement on Tuesday, Rashid accused Omar of loosing “credibility” by issuing contradictory statements. “Omar here in Kashmir says that youth picked up arms for the resolution of Kashmir issue and suggests Irish model by calling accession conditional but in Jammu, Omar uses the different tone,” Rashid said.

“The way Omar terms accession ‘conditional’ on one day and on the other terms it ‘final’ make people remember of his grandpapa and father,” Rashid said and added “Omar tries to gain public sympathies by saying that the youth here picked up arms not for roads and electricity but for the resolution of Kashmir issue but behind the curtain Omar is hand in glove with the security agencies for killings militants in valley.”

“Omar has to understand that his war remarks will not make Pakistan and India to change its strategies neither the so called Peace march by Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) would stop Pakistan or India from waging  war against each other.” Rashid said that NC and PDP should talk within their limits and instead of delivering Peace Sermons to India and Pakistan, they should play their role in facilitating Kashmir resolution , otherwise there won’t be any takers of the ‘free advises’ from Mufti and Omar and it will ensure only that they will lose their own credibility among the masses  .

“We should ask both NC and PDP that if they are unable even to evacuate the government buildings from troops occupied illegally, how they could deliver peace lessons to the two nuclear powers of Sub-continent,” Rashid said.


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