Rather slams PDP for ‘political treachery’

CHRAR-E-SHARIEF:  Slamming PDP for joining anti-Kashmir forces, former minister and senior National Conference leaders Abdul Rahim Rather and Mian Altaf Ahmed on Wednesday said the people will pronounce their verdict against the worst ever political treachery during upcoming elections in a big way.

“PDP’s joining with BJP was not unexpected keeping in view its creation to agencies but what all is hurting is how its leadership dared to take the people of Kashmir on ride by exploiting them against intrusion of RSS into the Valley during 2014 elections”, Rather said while addressing several impromptu public meetings in Chrar-e-Sharief assembly segment of Srinagar Parliamentary Constituency.

He was addressing the workers at Bajhpathri, Watkaloo and Lolipora of the assembly segment.

Rather blamed PDP for converting popular anti-BJP mandate of 2014 into advantage of the RSS, which did not only accorded a sort of legitimacy to the right wing organization but also hoisted it on the people after forming the government. “And, the fallout was not unexpected”, he said while describing the 2016 unrest as manifestation of unholy PDP-BJP alliance. He said the people have suffered the most but there was no remorse in the PDP for inflicting scars on Kashmir psyche.

The former minister said that the PDP leadership has ditched the people of Kashmir in different avatars and referred to weakening of democratically elected governments in the past besides post 1990 atrocities committed under the garb of anti-militancy operations. He said the PDP stands fully exposed before the people of Jammu and Kashmir, as it did not only reversed the process of development but also failed in fulfilling the urges and aspirations of the three regions and sub regions.

Rather said that the PDP-BJP government has failed on all fronts and the people have been left in lurch due to mis-governance.

“For ending this nightmarish era, the people should seize the opportunity of upcoming parliamentary elections and give their verdict against the PDP-BJP misrule”, Rather said and exhorted the people to vote and support Dr Farooq Abdullah in the by-polls.


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